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LSMSA Virtual School Courses

LSMSA Virtual School offers high school credit courses online for middle and high school students. Our course offerings provide instruction for Louisiana TOPS eligibility core courses and higher-level AP courses. Advanced Placement courses are typically available to Junior and Seniors only. Both full year and semester block courses are offered. All of LSMSA courses meet or exceed state and national standards.

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A LSMSA Virtual School online course similar to a regular classroom because there is a full-time certified instructor who engages and coaches student work each week. Courses have a weekly schedule of lessons, assignments, quizzes, and activities which meet or exceed Louisiana State and national mandated standards. As in the classroom, the teacher monitors student activity and engages the student in learning.

A LSMSA Virtual School online course is different from the regular classroom because there may be no one standing over their shoulder making them enter the online course. Students to be self-motivated. Students are allowed to work at any time and in any place; all that is needed is a reliable internet connection and a computer/tablet. Students may work ahead of the weekly schedule but should not get behind. This is particularly helpful if a student has scheduling problems. Students may work at home. Some tests and exams may have to be completed at school with a proctor. Students build skills that will make them “lifelong learners.”