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LSMSA Virtual School Tuition

Tuition for online courses is $712.00 per 1 credit regular course and 
$762.00 per 1 credit AP course. Tuition includes most course materials and textbooks. These will be returned at the end of the course at the register's expense.

Students who register privately for Virtual School courses will be required to pay out-of-pocket tuition.

State paid tuition is available to students attending public schools through the SCA (Supplemental Course Academy) program. SCA provides school districts with an MFP allocation to pay for online high school credit courses. All SCA enrollments must be approved by the student's public school counselor or principal before registration is complete.  

Registrants will be contacted by email to confirm the enrollment. For private pay students, an invoice will be sent by email and due within 15 days or prior to the final add/drop date of the course whichever comes first. Private students may withdraw from a class on or before the final drop date. A refund of tuition will be provided minus $125.00. Students withdrawing from courses after the final drop date will not receive a refund.

SCA policy will be followed regarding invoices and withdrawals for students registered through their school.

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