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two students working online LSMSA Virtual School courses are available for middle or high school students wishing to earn high school credit.  Students may take courses as part of their regular schedule or in addition to their regular schedule. Our asynchronous online courses are structured to help each student achieve success. Courses consist of lessons, assignments, discussions, activities, and integrated assessments; including pretests which allow students to focus on the mastery of content.

Students who do well in an online environment are self-starters who like learning new things. They are not afraid to ask questions, do not mind managing their time, make decisions on when to work, how long a task may take, and understand that they may need to take more time on some material, as well as make improvements to an assignment in order to ensure a good grade.

Students may access the Virtual School online courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as long as there is a computer and reliable internet source.  We recommend students spend a minimum of 50 minutes per day, 5 days a week completing course work.

Students will have the flexibility to complete course work within a prescribed course schedule, but at their chosen time frame each school day. As each student completes online activities, their progress will be assessed by the instructor and assistance provided to keep students on track toward their academic goal. Virtual learning may not be face to face, but it does not mean the student is alone. The instructor is the student’s guide, cheerleader, and curriculum resource for the class. Our instructors are available for the students each school day and will answer all student questions within 24 hours or sooner.

Course grades will be provided at the end of each semester to the student's public or private school and the school will grant grade credit.  Students may view their grades and grade average 24/7. Parents will also be given access to view student grades.

Students may enroll privately or through their public school. It is important for parents to speak with the public or private school counselor for approval, prior to taking our courses.

Tuition for online courses is $712.00 per 1 credit regular course and
$762.00 per 1 credit AP course. See the Tuition page for more information.

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